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María is an itinerant comfort food restaurant. The menu is varied, offering everything from creative desserts, sourdough bread and delicious dishes based on an American diet.

In rebranding, we wanted to present a Maria that has evolved, representing her through a mythical and majestic character built through basic elements that are part of the chefs' cuisine and gastronomic proposal.


Pattern for cured meats.

Pattern for comfort food.

Pattern for desserts and bakery.

Pattern for spices and ferments.

Stickers, stamps or pins.


Kitchen apron "Food"

Kitchen apron "María"

Merch / Tote bags.

Face mask "María"

Face mask "Food"

Handwritten labels.

Client: María
Design & Art Direction: Cynthia Salgado
Illustrations: Edgar Montero
Concept & Copy: Luis Barboza
Creative Boutique: Don Alfaro